Monde eau Wines has been established to support humanitarian efforts that supply safe drinking water across the developing world.

"More than 30,000 people die every week from unsafe water," said brand co-founder Mickey Dunne, "and the vast majority of those casualties are children under five years old. This situation is preventable, and we all can be part of the solution."

With this intent, Monde eau will donate a substantial portion of profits from the sale of its wines to a water-focused charity. New York City-based charity: water is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing clean drinking water to those in greatest need. It works not just to save lives, but also to enhance them. According to the World Economic Forum, "water is an astonishingly complex and subtle force. It is the single constraint on the expansion of every city, and bankers and corporate executives have cited it as the only natural limit to economic growth."

Dunne added, "We work in the desert of eastern Washington State, so we are acutely aware of the crucial nature of good water. Consequently, the ethos of Monde eau both reflects and connects our own environment with one of the most significant challenges to the wider world."

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